Marché Asiatique


Asian Market

Whether it is Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines or even Thailand. The Asian market is a scourge for animal life. But at the pinnacle, we have China! When it is not for superstitious reasons or culinary specialties such as chicken feet, goat or yak penises, dog testicles, jelly bear paws, carp lips or even noodles with the placenta of toad.

China maintains one of the largest animal networks in the world in order to obtain the raw material for their traditional medicine. Located in Asia, but also in Africa, South America etc ...

Chinese Pharmacopoeia

- Sharks : Fins & Cartilages

- Totoaba : Bladder

- Sea Horse : Whole (dried)

- Turtle : Shell

- Sea Cucumber : Whole (dried)

- Tiger : Sin, Bones and Teeth

- Lion : Lips, Teeth and Testicles

- Rhino : Hornes

- Buffalo : Hornes

- Antelope : Hornes

- Deer : Penis

- Donkey : Skin

- Pangolin : Scales

- Toad : Skin and Glands

- Cobra : Skin and Venom

- Scorpion : Whole (dried)

- Gecko : Whole (dried)

- Bat : Excrement 

- Flying Squirrel : Excrement 

Trepangs, sea cucumbers, totoaba bladder, hippocampus, deer and tiger penis, rhino horn and others are said to be referred to as "Aphrodisiac". 

Warning ! Make no mistake, the lure of profit attracts all "ethnicities" in this lucrative market. And besides, Europeans are not examples, if we count the massacres of Dolphins in France, Globicephales in the Faroe Islands, and Taurus in Spain. Or tourists going to restaurants to eat Kangaroo, Crocodile, Koala, Shark ... or going to Greenland to eat Seal and Polar Bear.