Waste Cleaning

Waste cleaning day with the local Réunion association "Best Run" in order to preserve the coastal beaches.


Charity Show

Charity concert given by musicians Don Alder, Kevuan, Justin St Pierre and Dmitry Lisenko in order to raise funds for the association "La SEOR".


Helping A Pets Shelter

Visiting the "Grand Prado" pets shelter in Sainte-Marie with committed artists. Setting up a charity concert to raise funds for this association.


Animal Protection

Visiting the SEOR medical center in Saint-Andre for a release of birds from their natural habitat. As well as a day of mountain expedition for the preservation of "Tuit-tuit", a species endemic to Reunion Island.



Associative Meeting

Meeting, discussions, interview and awareness with these associations :

 GlobiceKeloniaVie Oceane, Duo Ocean, La Seor, La SPA and Best Run.

August & Sept 2020

Beach Cleaning

Morning cleaning of the beach of Kelonia (research and care center for sea turtles) located in St Leu.


Underwater Cleaning

Cleaning established in the Mediterranean Sea during a dive by our friend bassist "Dmitry Lisenko".


Next Missions

2021 :

- Bird feeding (winter period) - Pau
- Waste cleaning mission (forest) - Toulouse
- Waste cleaning mission (at sea) - Marseille
- Waste cleaning mission (at sea) - Antibes
- Dolphins stranding mission - Brittany
- Dolphins stranding mission - La Rochelle
- Waste cleaning mission (at sea) - Reunion Island
- Conference "The Future of the Ocean" - Reunion Island
- Waste cleaning mission (at sea) - Mayotte Island
- Anti-poaching mission of Sea Turtles - Mayotte Island

We are unable to set dates, due to the health situation. We will keep you posted as soon as possible !

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Musical Events

The TARA association also works in events with "Guitar Events" to promote the cause, find income and educate people through music.

Several musical events (Concerts, Guitar Camp, Masterclass ...) will be organized with different artists in order to raise funds for projects of 2020 & 2021 on the 
Reunion and Mayotte Islands for animal and environmental protection.

Reunion Island and Mayotte Island for animal and environmental protection.