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Our Projets 

Here are some projects for the years of 2019 & 2020 !

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Charity Concerts

This year 2019 will be held the 1st "Fingerstyle Guitar Camp" in France, a musical event organized for fans of acoustic guitars with international artists such as : Antoine Dufour, Calum Graham, Alexandr Misko, Justin St Pierre and Kevuan in Salies de Bearn (Aquitaine).


Two charity shows will be held in partnership with the TARA association to raise funds for the 2020 project for cleaning the oceans on the Reunion Island.

Link https://www.kevuan.com/kevuan-guitar-camp/

Musical Events

TARA also works in events with "Guitar Events" to promote its cause, find income and raise awareness through music.

Several musical events (Concerts, Guitar Camp, Masterclass ...) will be organized with different artists to raise funds for the 2020 project on the islands of Reunion and Mayotte.

Guitar Camp & Cleaning

The Fingerstyle Guitar Camp will take place on the island of Reunion with the participation of the association TARA. The Guitar Camp consists of following a musical course over several days, around different musical activities with international artists.


The purpose of the event will be to raise awareness and dedicate a day to the cleaning of beaches victims of the pollution accumulated by the man, and which kills every day thousands of marine and terrestrial animals. Also, we will intervene on the island of Mayotte against the poaching of turtles on the island with the help of local associations.

Foggy Forêt
Creation of a Nature Reserve

We would like to buy land in a few years in order to create a nature reserve, in which we will plant trees to provide new sanctuaries for animal species threatened by deforestation and poaching and additional aid against global warming.

Create a fair trade to hire "rangers" who can preserve this place and provide care for endangered species.