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The Whale

-  Price of Meat : 100€ per Kilo

Tourists and expatriates returning from Iceland, Norway and Japan regularly bring home several hundred grams of whale meat to their homes in the United States.

- 100 grams of red whale flesh is sold for 5.35€ in Japan.

The blue and right whales (called right whales) are the 2 most endangered species.

It is estimated that there are barely 500 specimens remaining in the North Atlantic.

Sea Turtle

- Sale price of a sea turtle : 250€ to 500€ - Meat price: 40€ Kg - Price of hawksbill tortoiseshell : 60€ Kg - Egg price: 2€ half a dozen.

The most endangered turtles are hawksbill turtles, the population of which has declined by 80% over the past century.

Female leatherback turtles were estimated at 115,000 in 1982 and 34,500 in 1995.


- Fin price : 60€ kg in Ecuador, 80€ in India, 400€ in Indonesia and 700€ on the retail market in China.

Knowing that the value can reach 1000€ per kilo ! - Soup price: 90€ to 270€ - Cartilage price: 10€ to 80€ per box of 90 capsules.

According to FAO data, France exports 12,938 tonnes of shark meat (14th in the world) and imports 35,286 tonnes (7th in the world).


- Price of a dried seahorse: 3.5€ and 25€ in Asia.


Every day, more than 200,000 seahorses are caught in the world ocean.


World international trade was then estimated at around 24 million specimens per year.


Today the cumulative balance of legal trade and smuggling would reach 50 to 100 million.


To date there are 44 identified species.

Bluefin Tuna

- Tuna price : 50€ Kg on the European market.


It is a "super-predator" which occupies a fundamental place in the food web of the ocean and thus contributes to the stability of ecosystems.


It can weigh up to 700kg and dive to depths of 1000 meters.


It is estimated that 80% of the northern bluefin tuna resources disappeared from the 1950s to 2010.

The 2 species are in very great danger, in particular the "Thunnus thynnus" is in danger and the "Thunnus maccoyii" is in critical danger of extinction.



- Price of Meat : 1230€ Kg

- Skin Price : 2,700€ to 18,000€ depending on the size

- Price of Bones : 130€ to 330€ kg

- Price of a Canine : 1250€

- Price of a label : 350€


According to the Chinese administration, the value of a wild tiger seized is equal to € 135,000, that of a farmed tiger to € 67,000.


They are 3100 individuals, all species combined. There were 100,000 a century ago.


- Price of the Horn : 50,000€ Kg

- Price of the Sumatran rhino horn: 100,000€ per Kg In France the horn is worth between 1,500€ and 300,000€ if it is old.


- Sumatran Rhino : 40 to 80 individuals remain in the wild.

- Java Rhino : 65 to 68 individuals remain in the wild.

In March 2018, died of "Sudan", the last male northern white rhino, on a reserve in Kenya.


End of this subspecies ! Countries like China, Vietnam and Japan love these horns.

The Girafe

- Price of a head or a tibia : 125€ each.

- Giraffe skull : 2000

- A specimen sells from 900€, plus the port.

About 3 to 5 giraffes are poached per month and the birth rate is very low !


The number of giraffes to decrease by 40% between 1985 and 2015.

The Donkey

The donkey is skinned so that its boiled skin is extracted from a gelatin sold in China under the name of "éjiao".  


This is sold : 650€ per kilo and up to 12,000€ per kilo when it is produced during the winter solstice.

The skin sold in Africa from 15€ to 60€ in 2015 is traded up to 200€ in 2018.


Each year, more than 4 million donkey skins are transformed into gelatin.


Burkina Faso, which exported 1,000 donkey skins in the 1st quarter of 2015, exports 65,000 in the 1st half of 2016.